The advancement of environmentally friendly inks in the packaging industry

tintas ecologicas

Traditionally, offset printing has used petroleum-based inks that contain chemical components that are harmful to the environment. However, with increased environmental awareness, there has been a shift to the use of environmentally friendly inks, also known as water-based or vegetable-based inks. These inks are made from renewable and biodegradable ingredients, making them less harmful to the environment than conventional inks.

The use of environmentally friendly inks in offset printing has several benefits for businesses and the environment. First, they reduce the carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions during the printing process. In addition, because they are made from natural ingredients, these inks are less toxic and do not generate hazardous waste, making them easier to dispose of and recycle. Finally, eco-friendly inks offer excellent print quality, ensuring attractive visual results on packaging. One well-known vegetable-based ink is soy-based ink. It is valued for its color quality, recyclability and biodegradability. Colors are vibrant and often require less ink to print.

In other words, the advancement of green inks in offset printing is making a significant contribution to making the packaging industry more sustainable and environmentally friendly. These inks offer a viable, high-quality alternative for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact, improve production efficiency and meet the expectations of eco-conscious consumers.

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