Folding carton in México

Functionality that makes a difference. Discover how intelligent design protects and enhances your products.

Functional, efficient and high-quality folding cartons are essential. Not only does it protect your products, but it also effectively communicates your brand and adds value to your customers. Functionality ensures that the packaging does its job, making it easier to store and transport. Efficiency reduces costs and environmental impact. Quality finishes create a lasting impression and enhance the perceived quality of your products.

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Modern folding carton

Discover our range of advanced folding carton solutions for various industries in Mexico.

Types of materials for folding cartons:

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Sulfated Cardboard

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Multilayer cardboard

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Metallized cardboard

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Variety of finishes for folding cartons:


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Silver foil

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Gold foil

rose Foil

Color foil


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Spot varnish

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Embossing Techniques



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Folding packaging in Mexico: Personalization at the service of your product

In the dynamic world of commerce, the presentation of a product is as important as its quality. Folding cartons have become a fundamental tool for differentiation in the Mexican market, offering versatility and customization to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Automatic Bottom: Foundations of Reliable Structures

Automatic bottom folding is an efficient and practical solution for quickly assembling high-strength boxes. In Mexico, this technique has gained popularity due to its ease of assembly and its ability to protect products during transportation and storage.

Packaging sleeves: Protection and presentation in one

Sleeves are a versatile option within the folding packaging service in Mexico. They offer protection against dust and moisture while enhancing product presentation. Ideal for irregularly sized or delicate items.

Folding packaging with inserts: Organization and security

Inserts in folding packaging provide a smart solution for organizing and protecting fragile or multiple pieces. In Mexico, this service is key to ensuring the integrity of products during distribution and display.

Packaging with straight flaps: Elegance and simplicity

Straight flaps in folding packaging offer a clean and elegant presentation. In the Mexican market, this option is appreciated for its minimalist aesthetic and ease of use, making it a popular choice for a wide range of products.

Types of materials for folding packaging: adaptability and durability

In Mexico, folding packaging is made using a variety of materials to meet different requirements for strength and presentation:

– Sulfate Board: Ideal for packaging that requires rigidity and durability.

– Multilayer Board: Offers greater strength and versatility for heavy or delicate products.

– Metallic Board: Adds a touch of elegance and shine to product presentation.

– Micro-corrugated Board: Lightweight yet strong, perfect for products that need extra protection during transportation.

Variety of finishes for packaging: Customization and style

In Mexico, finishes for folding packaging allow for complete customization to stand out in the market:

– Foil: Adds an elegant and eye-catching metallic finish.

– Silver/Gold Foil: For a touch of sophistication and luxury.

– Colored Foil: Creative options to highlight the brand or product design.

– Varnishes: Provide additional protection and add texture or shine according to the customer’s preference.

– Embossing: Offers tactile visual effects that enhance the packaging’s appeal.

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The folding packaging service in Mexico offers a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. With a wide range of customization options and high-quality materials, folding packaging manufacturers are helping brands stand out in a competitive market, ensuring optimal protection and presentation of their products.