Spouts in flexible packaging

Enjoy anytime, without spills.

Pouches with a valve (spout) are among the most popular features for flexible packaging. This valve can be made of durable plastic and be reusable, it seals in the pouch and is used for pouring, drinking, or dispensing the contents in a controlled manner.

Extremely practical for transportation and storage, they have a visual impact due to their shape, and together with their respective designs, they will be the ideal choice for a functional and attractive appearance for a variety of products.

Spouts are now available for almost all types of items. Some variants include:

Benefits of spouts in flexible packaging

To position a product today, it’s not enough to simply present an appealing design. it’s crucial to enhance the consumer experience and, consequently, various processes before the actual sale. The use of flexible packaging with valves offers multiple benefits that meet these needs: