Custom packaging for the hospitality industry

Give your cleaning and hospitality products a special touch with packaging made from environmentally friendly materials without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.


Pouches for cleaning supplies

Pouches have proven to be a versatile and convenient way to package a wide range of household items. From cleaning products to pet supplies, this type of packaging provides efficient and practical packaging that perfectly suits the needs of each household item. With flexible designs that can include different textures, valves or laser scoring for easy opening, they are ideal for holding liquids, powders and granular products, ensuring clean and spill-free dispensing.
jabon antibacterial
vela aromatica

Labels and boxes for household products

Labels and cartons are very practical components for your household products, not only providing important information to the consumer, but also protecting and preserving the integrity of the products. In addition, finishes such as protective laminates or water-resistant varnishes can increase the durability and strength of labels and cartons, ensuring they remain legible and attractive for longer.

Packaging ideas for household items

Our mission is to produce high quality labels and packaging for home products that combine functionality and appeal. We focus on creating solutions that protect and preserve your products. Experience the perfect blend of practicality and style with our expertly designed packaging that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home products.

News and ideas

The packaging and graphic solutions industry represents significant changes in our daily lives. Consumers and producers alike have a social responsibility to keep abreast of relevant developments in this field that touches our daily lives. Join us in exploring some of the highlighted news: